July Highlight

July 2022 Highlight

Hello, Vex buddies! How are you? We wish you nothing but the best! By the way, here are a few highlights of what Vexanium did in July:

  1. AMA with Cryptoiz

This month, Vexanium had the opportunity to hold an AMA via YouTube with Cryptoiz on July 21, 2022. Before the AMA session was held, questions were first sent via Twitter by mentioning the Cryptoiz accounts (@CRYPTOIZ_IDN) and Vexanium (@vexanium / @vexaniumid). To watch the replay, click here.

  1. Block Producers Online Meeting

On Friday, July 29, 2022, Vexanium will hold a private Block Producer / Validator Online Meeting to discuss the plan for the third quarter of 2022. The results of the meeting will be conveyed either through a live YouTube video of the Vexanium Development Plan or through articles.

Stay tuned to stay updated about Vexanium in the near future!

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