Vexanium x Bit-Z Discount Killer and Listing Announcement

Hi VEX Partners! Vexanium is having a Rush Buy Discount Killer and listing coin at Bit-Z. Rush Buy Discount Killer event is a VEX coin selling event with a price of 70% from the initial price (30% off). 1. Activity Details (1) Beginning time: September 9, 2019, 15:00, Hong Kong time. (2) Participation conditions:  Participating … Read moreVexanium x Bit-Z Discount Killer and Listing Announcement

Vexanium Dapps Competition 2019 Winner

Hi VEX Partners! On July 2019, We launched our first Dapps Competition as a celebration for Vexanium mainnet launch. After examining and evaluating the Dapps ideas that have been created by the participants, we have found the winners of this year’s Dapps competition. Here is the list of winners of the 2019 Vexanium Dapps competition: … Read moreVexanium Dapps Competition 2019 Winner

Vexanium x ProBit Listing Announcement

Hi VEX Partners! Vexanium coin (VEX) will be available to trade with KRW and USDT at ProBit exchange! ProBit is a Coin-to-Coin (C2C) Exchange encompassing major financial markets globally. The ProBit platform utilize state-of-the-art technology. The matching engine has a massive processing capacity of 1,500,000 transactions per second, one of the world’s fastest among competitors. … Read moreVexanium x ProBit Listing Announcement

Vexanium Whitepaper 2.0 Launch (Bahasa & Mandarin)

Hi Vex Partners, Since we already had our grand launch and independence day on Thursday, 11th July 2019 and it marks our step to the big things planned ahead. We’ve been working on some big things that will definitely the Vexanium blockchain itself. So, we’re going to launch Vexanium Whitepaper 2.0 (Bahasa & Mandarin) on … Read moreVexanium Whitepaper 2.0 Launch (Bahasa & Mandarin)

Vexanium Blockchain Independence Day (Grand Launch)

Hi VEX Partners, Dengan bangga kami mengumumkan bahwa hari ini, Kamis, 11 Juli 2019 merupakan Vexanium Blockchain Independence Day (Grand Launch) dimana jaringan blockchain Vexanium sudah beroperasi secara penuh dan sudah mencapai lebih dari 2.300.000 block dimana pada penciptaan block Vexanium akan tercipta 1 block setiap 0.5 detik atau 2 block setiap 1 detik. Selain … Read moreVexanium Blockchain Independence Day (Grand Launch)

手机版VexWallet (BETA)上线公告

亲爱的Vex伙伴您好: VexWallet上线啰!VexWallet为运行于Vexanium区块链系统的去中心化钱包,因此使用者须管理自己的资产,同时,除了您以外,也没有其他人能进入您的账户。 手机版VexWallet可以在我们的网站或在Google Play下载。 而在VexWallet中,有多种功能可供使用,包含储存VEX币、在不同地址间转账VEX币、买卖Vexanium区块链系统中进行转账交易会用到的RAM、CPU与NET。此外,在VexWallet使用者可以管理自己的VEX币并使用所有的Vexanium DApp。 此外,在Vexanium区块链系统中,用户亦能直接创立快速Token。方法很简单,按下「Click」键并支付5000VEX币即可完成。 按此看手机版VexWallet账户建立教学。按此看桌面版教学(MAC、Windows)

VexWallet Mobile (BETA) Launch Announcement

Hi VEX Partners, VexWallet Mobile telah hadir! VexWallet sendiri merupakan Decentralized Wallet yang berjalan di atas blockchain Vexanium dimana semua asset dan akun user menjadi tanggung jawab dari user sendiri serta tidak ada satu pihak pun yang memiliki akses anda selain diri anda sendiri. VexWallet Mobile dapat di install melalui website atau melalui Google Play. … Read moreVexWallet Mobile (BETA) Launch Announcement