Vexanium Update Webinar Video (17-04-20) – ID


Hai Vex Partners! Pada tanggal 17 April 2020 yang lalu, Vexanium Foundation melakukan webinar yang terbuka untuk umum mengenai pembaharuan-pembaharuan yang ada dan akan terjadi di jaringan blockchain Vexanium. Webinar ini dilakukan di tengah pandemi ini juga untuk memberikan sekilas pengetahuan mengenai langkah apa yang akan Vexanium Foundation lakukan untuk dapat tetap mengembangkan ekosistemnya. Webinar … Read moreVexanium Update Webinar Video (17-04-20) – ID

Vexanium BP Vote Stimulus – EN


Hello, blockchain enthusiast especially Vexanium users! There are currently 21 active BP (block producers) out of a total of 68 block producers who are on standby to produce blocks on the Vexanium blockchain network. Meanwhile, there are around a total of 260,000,000 VEX distributed to vote for BP on the Vexanium network. Read more: Vexanium … Read moreVexanium BP Vote Stimulus – EN

Vexanium BP Vote Stimulus – ID


Halo para penggiat blockchain khususnya pengguna Vexanium! Saat ini ada 21 BP (block producer) aktif dari sekitar total 68 block producer yang standby untuk memproduksi blok di jaringan blockchain Vexanium. Sementara itu ada sekitar total  260,000,000 VEX sekitar 26% jumlah vote yang didistribusikan untuk vote BP di jaringan Vexanium. Baca lebih lanjut: BP Vexanium Sebenarnya … Read moreVexanium BP Vote Stimulus – ID

Dapps Incentive Program 2020 Phase 5 Winners Announcement

winners announcement

Vexanium Dapps Incentive Program 2020 phase 5 has ended on December 31st, 2020. This is the Dapps Incentive Program Phase 5 winners announcement. Vexanium technical review team has reviewed the submitted smart contracts and gave a rating for each Dapps submitted by developers. The corresponding rewards for every level are as follows: Class A: 500,000 … Read moreDapps Incentive Program 2020 Phase 5 Winners Announcement

The Difference Between Centralized and Decentralized Exchange

centralized and decentralized exchange

After running for more than 10 years, blockchain technology is still inseparable from a cryptographic technology called crypto currency. This is what makes an exchange both centralized and decentralized still an important element of blockchain and cryptocurrency. But unfortunately, until now there are still many people who find it difficult to distinguish between centralized and … Read moreThe Difference Between Centralized and Decentralized Exchange

What is Vexanium? – The Complete Guide to Understand Vexanium Blockchain 101

what is vexanium

Vexanium is an open-source blockchain protocol to create smart contracts and decentralized applications (Dapps) on top of its network. As a blockchain and smart contract platform, Vexanium is focusing on building infrastructure (first layer) that enables developers (startups, corporates, and businesses) to create many projects based on blockchain technology. Vexanium business model is a decentralized … Read moreWhat is Vexanium? – The Complete Guide to Understand Vexanium Blockchain 101