Meet Vexanium On Southeast Asia Blockchain Summit 2018

Hi Vex Partners,

Vexanium will participate on Southeast Asia Blockchain Summit 2018. Southeast Asia Blockchain Summit 2018 will explore the industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology, including; manufacturing, retail, financial services, legal, healthcare, insurance, energy, music, government, real estate and more, with a focus on learning and building partnership with this emerging Blockchain universe. This event will be held in Hall B, Jakarta Convention Center, Central Jakarta on Sunday, 4th November 2018 from 10.00 until 18.30.

Our founder and CEO (Danny Baskara) will have his own session by bringing “Blockchain Technology: A Disruption for Marketing and Retail industry” topic at 17.20 – 17.50.

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See you there!

Syarat & Ketentuan Lyfe Token Sale Via VexGift

Hi Vex Partners,

VexGift yang merupakan ekosistem pertama dari Vexanium berkolaborasi dengan Lyfe, sebuah platform gamifikasi untuk pola hidup sehat untuk Lyfe Token Sale yang akan diadakan pada Rabu, 5 Desember 2018 hingga Jumat, 7 Desember 2018. Token sale ini akan dilakukan via VexGift dan dibuka setiap pukul 12.00 GMT+7 dan ditutup pukul 23.59 GMT+7 setiap harinya pada Rabu, 5 Desember 2018 hingga Kamis, 6 Desember 2018. Untuk hari Jumat, 7 Desember 2018 , Token sale akan dilakukan via VexGift pada pukul 12.00 – 14.00 GMT+7

Berikut adalah ilustrasi untuk mengikuti Lyfe Token Sale via VexGift:

1. Klik banner Lyfe Token Sale di halaman depan VexGift

2. Masukkan address ETH dari wallet seperti MEW / Kcash / Im Token. Pastikan tidak menginput wallet dari exchange. Kemudian masukkan jumlah pembayaran yang diinginkan. Klik Buy

3. Klik Buy

Rate yang berlaku akan diupdate beberapa jam sebelum token sale dimulai dimana rate akan berubah setiap hari.

1 VEX = 6,5 LYFE
Minimum Pembelian: 500 VEX

Syarat dan ketentuan yang berlaku:
1. Pembayaran untuk lyfe token sale dapat dilakukan via exchange dan wallet
2. Untuk penerimaan token LYFE, masukan address ETH dari wallet seperti MEW (My Ether Wallet) / Kcash / Im Token dll. Pastikan tidak menginput wallet dari exchange.
dikarenakan alamat ETH dari wallet Private Key nya bisa di pindahkan.
3. Semua tipe member VexGift baik premium maupun non-premium bisa melakukan pembelian token LYFE dengan menggunakan VEX (non-premium dan premium).

4. Pembelian token LYFE di token sale ini hanya bisa dilakukan dengan menggunakan VEX
5. Setiap member bisa melakukan pembelian token LYFE lebih dari 1 x.
6. Untuk setiap user yang melakukan pembelian minimal 100.000 LYFE akan mendapatkan prototype LYFE watch
7. Syarat dan ketentuan di atas dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu.

Vexanium Mainnet Schedule Announcement

Hi VEX Partners!

The Blockchain industry is getting more and more interesting, for the world and Indonesia. This makes Vexanium developers more enthusiast to keep working on Vexanium development with Blockchain technology. Blockchain potential is predicted to be a revolution to the 3rd internet after website 20 years ago and the application trend 10 years ago.

Vexanium will start a Mainnet Project where Vexanium will become a Public blockchain that will help so many people to start developing various decentralized applications. There are a lot of public blockchains out there, Vexanium focuses on a number of things, such as speed, flexibility and penetration into the market in everyday life, because Vexanium believes that the blockchain technology must be able to solve problems in everyday life.

This Public Blockchain from Vexanium will specialize in Marketing and Retail area. Some of the things that Vexanium focus on are on speed transactions, for example, transaction speeds above 1000 TPS and supporting application development. In the early stages in 2019, Vexanium will focus on the Indonesian area, while in 2020 Vexanium will focus on projects outside Indonesia,

Vexanium blockchain testnet itself starts in January 2019 or Q1 in 2019 and the Mainnet Public Blockchain will start in Q2 (2nd quarter 2019), Vexanium will also provide its own version of the Desktop Wallet as well as a wallet in the mobile version, in the future there are also vex exchangers specializes only in tokens made on the Vexanium blockchain

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Meet Vexanium On Block Community, “Blockchain Is The Future”

Hi Vex Partners,

Vexanium will participate on Block Community, the community event that organized by Tokenomy and Indodax. Block Community aims to develop community growth and drive positive development in the blockchain space through open dialogue and collaborative session. This event will be held in Hall B, Jakarta Convention Center, Central Jakarta on Saturday, 3rd November 2018 from 10.00 until 18.00.

Our founder and CEO (Danny Baskara) will have his own session by bringing “How Blockchain Technology Can Impact Retail and Marketing Area” topic at 11.30 – 12.00.

RSVP here:
Entrance fee: 30.000 IDR.

See you there!

Vexanium Mainnet Announcement Schedule

Hi Vex Partners, we’d like to announce Vexanium mainnet announcement schedule that will be held on Thursday, 25th October 2018 at 15.00 GMT+7. You can watch the announcement on our youtube channel.

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Mainnet itself is the foundation for blockchain technology that enabling a blockchain company to established their project, one of its funtion is a decentralized peer to peer transfer of cryptocurrency between senders and recipients.

Vexanium enables new blockchain-based projects to raise cryptocurrency (token) funds or ICO (Initial Coin Offering) using a smart contract from Vexanium blockchain technology. In other words, Vexanium will help these projects for realizing their projects.

Win Up To 250,000 VEX on Ten.Ten Trading Contest ( Tokenomy Exchange)

Hi Vex Partners,

Grab your chance to win up to 250,000 VEX on Ten.Ten trading contest that held by Tokenomy Exchange.

Trading Contest Period
The Trading Contest will run for one month from October 10th 2018, 3 PM (GMT +8) to November 7th 2018, 3 PM (GMT +8).

Trading Contest Details
Users will be ranked in terms of the total trading volume traded on their Verified Tokenomy Account (including both buys and sells) across all trading pairs during the contest period.

First Prize: 10,000 TEN + 250,000 VEX
The Top trader will be awarded 250,000 VEX & 10,000 TEN*

Second Prize: 1,000 TEN + 50,000 VEX
Top 2–6: 5 traders to evenly split a pool of 250,000 VEX & 5,000 TEN*

Third Prize: 500 TEN + 25,000 VEX
Top 7–16: 10 traders evenly split a pool of 250,000 VEX & 5,000 TEN*

Participation Prize: 100 TEN + 5,000 VEX
To thank our users for participating in the contest, 50 traders will be randomly chosen and will evenly split a pool of 5,000 TEN & 250,000 VEX*

Trading Contest Live Scoreboard
Get updated with the results of the Trading Contest! A Live Scoreboard will be updated hourly on Tokenomy Exchange.

*In the event more than 1 trader qualifies for the same ranking, they will be randomly picked using a computer-generated system. Traders not picked will be pushed one ranking down on the scoreboard.
*All winners will be chosen strictly based on the ranking shown on the Live Scoreboard

Participation Rules
Your Tokenomy account must be Verified
Winners will be announced within 24 hours after the competition has ended
Prizes will be distributed 1 week after the announcement of winners
Management’s decision is final and absolute

VEX New Exchange Listing & Cashback Program: Coinone Indonesia — Vexanium

Hi VEX Partners,
VEX will be available for trading on Coinone Indonesia, a family of Coinone, the top 10 largest crypto-exchange in the world starts from Friday, 19th October 2018 17.00 UTC+7 and deposit starts from Friday, 19th October 2018 15.00 UTC+7.. VEX will be paired with IDR.

Coinone Indonesia is a Global Cryptocurrency Exchange Service for Indonesia and Coinone is also one of the largest exchanges in South Korea. In Coinone Indonesia, you can buy and sell Digital Assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others fast, easily, and securely. You could find more information here

With this cooperation between Vexanium and Coinone Indonesia, of course will bring more stability to Vexanium Coin Ecosystem and also be the answer to Vex Partners enthusiasm also Vexanium add up coin diversity in Coinone Indonesia.

Beside that, there are cashback program for every vex partners who register and deposit VEX in Coinone Indonesia.

1. Registration – Verify ID Card, Create VEX Deposit Wallet, and get 100 VEX cashback
Event Period: October 19th, 2018 at 15:00 WIB (GMT+7) until finish.
Event Details:
Create VEX Wallet within event period and complete ID Card Verification to receive 100 VEX cashback.
Only available for the first 10,000 people.

What to do:
1. Register at Coinone Indonesia.
2. Complete ID Card Verification.
3. Create VEX Deposit Wallet.

2. Deposit Cashback VEX
Event Period: October 16th, 2018 at 15:00 WIB (GMT+7) until November 1st, 2018 at 00.00 WIB (GMT+7)
Event Details:
During event period, user will receive VEX cashback based on the amount of deposit in IDR.
Cashback will be given to your account on November 7th, 2018.

What to do:
1. Deposit Rupiah into your Coinone Indonesia Account.
2. Get VEX as cashback based on the amount of deposit in IDR.
3. Be patient and wait for the reward.

Net amount of Deposit (IDR) & Cashback
1. < 1,000,000 IDR --> 100 VEX
2. 1,000,000 IDR ~ < 10,000,000 IDR --> 500 VEX
3. 10,000,000 IDR ~ < 100,000,000 IDR --> 1,000 VEX
4. ≥ 100,000,000 IDR –> 5,000 VEX

[Bahasa] VexGift – Lyfe Airdrop Announcement

Hi Vex Partners!
Pada tanggal 16 Oktober 2018 (13:00 GMT+7) hingga 22 Oktober 2018 (09:00 GMT+7) VexGift akan membagikan 1.100.000 token Lyfe gratis untuk 2000 member reguler VexGift dan 700 member premium VexGift.

Lyfe adalah platform gamifikasi kesehatan pertama yang berasal dari Indonesia. Platform Lyfe dirancang untuk membuat para penggunanya agar menjalani gaya hidup sehat melalui berbagai tantangan kesehatan dan memungkinkan penggunanya untuk mendapatkan rewards. Lyfe didirikan oleh Indra Darmawan yang merupakan Co-Founder – salah satu portal kesehatan terbesar di Indonesia yang memiliki jutaan pengguna setiap hari.

Reward Tier System
Hadiah Tier 1 = 1 Stake untuk Member Reguler Vexgift dan 5 Stakes untuk Member Premium.
Syarat: bergabung dengan Grup Telegram Lyfe, Saluran Telegram VexGift dan Berlangganan Saluran Telegram Lyfe.

Hadiah Tier 2 = +1 Stake untuk Member Reguler VexGift dan 5 Stakes untuk Member Premium.
Syarat: follow lyfe, VexGift dan retweet posting-an tentang LYFE x VexGift Airdrop dari @LyfeToken dan mention @VexGift

Hadiah Tier 3 = +1 Stake
Syarat: menjadi 100 retweet pertama
Anda harus menyelesaikan sistem tingkat pertama agar memenuhi syarat untuk melanjutkan tingkat Kedua, dan ketiga.

Apa Itu Stake?
Jumlah Stakes menentukan jumlah Token Lyfe yang akan diberikan kepada Anda!
Distribusi pemberian token:
1 Stake = Pool / (Jumlah Peserta * Jumlah Stake)
Total Pool dari Airdrop = 1.100.000 Token Lyfe

Detail Akun
1. Grup Telegram Lyfe (salah satu):
– English Group:
– Indonesia Group:
2. Saluran Telegram Official Lyfe:
3. Akun Twitter Lyfe
4. Anda harus tetap bergabung dengan di grup Telegram Lyfe, follow Twitter Lyfe, dan follow sampai Lyfe x Vexgift Airdrop berakhir.
5. Isi detil anda di formulir ini setelah menyelesaikan semua syarat diatas.

Syarat dan Ketentuan
1. Anda harus mengikuti semua langkah di atas untuk memenuhi syarat.
2. Airdrop ini terbatas untuk satu per pengguna per IP.
3. Akun Telegram and Twitter harus berupa akun asli. Pengunaan Bot, Akun Palsu, dan lainnya akan didiskualifikasi.
4. Penggunaan banyak akun, curang, atau spamming tidak diperbolehkan dan akan berujung kepada ban, bonus tidak dihitung sebagai sah, dan didiskualifikasi.
5. Posting tautan atau informasi bisnis atau proyek lain tidak diperbolehkan dan akan berujung kepada ban, bonus tidak dihitung sebagai sah, dan didiskualifikasi.
6. Harus tetap sopan dan tidak berlaku negatif. Penggunaan kata kasar tidak akan ditolerir dan akan langsung berujung kepada ban, bonus tidak dihitung sebagai sah, dan didiskualifikasi.
7. Kami mempunyai hak untuk mengganti peraturan ini sewaktu-waktu.
8. Kami mempunyai hak untuk memutuskan apakah anda lolos.
9. Nilai maksimal 1 Stake adalah 1000 Lyfe Tokens
10. Peserta harus memiliki akun Vexgift yang aktif.
11. Anda harus lolos rewards tier tahap satu untuk dapat lolos ke tahap selanjutnya .
12. Hasil Airdrop akan diumumkan pada 29 Oktober 2018 09:00 am GMT+7. Lyfe Tokens akan didistribusikan ke wallet anda paling lambat tiga bulan setelah ITS Selesai.
13. Program ini akan berjalan dari tanggal 16 Oktober 2018 13:00 GMT+7 hingga 22 Oktober 2018 09:00 GMT+7 dan terbatas untuk 2000 member VexGift dan 700 member premium VexGift.

[Bahasa] Vexanium Token Frozen Announcement

Hi VEX Partners!

Setiap perusahaan blockchain yang memiliki koin/token di pasaran tentu ingin koin/token mereka berada pada kisaran harga yang stabil mengingat perubahan harga di industri cryptocurrency cenderung bersifat fluktuatif. Untuk mewujudkan hal ini, ada beberapa strategi yang biasanya dilakukan oleh perusahaan salah satunya adalah dengan memperkuat ekosistem dari perusahaan tersebut ataupun melakukan token frozen untuk mengurangi sirkulasi peredaran koin/token di pasaran.

Token Frozen sendiri merupakan keadaan dimana suatu token atau koin dibekukan sehingga tidak bisa digunakan (menjadi alat transaksi ataupun diperjual-belikan) hingga kurun waktu tertentu. Jadi dengan pembekuan token atau koin ini maka diharapkan nilai dari token tersebut akan stabil atau bahkan meningkat di masa mendatang karena persediaan yang tersedia di pasaran hanya sedikit sehingga membuat token menjadi langka.

Strategi ini juga merupakan salah satu strategi yang diterapkan oleh Vexanium dimana VEX yang diterima pada bulan Agustus-September 2018 akan masuk pada Token Frozen tahap pertama. Jumlah VEX yang akan masuk ke dalam kategori token frozen adalah VEX yang didapatkan dari ekosistem Vexanium seperti fitur premium VexGift dan proses verifikasi VEX address.

Berikut adalah total VEX Frozen Token: 299811.3352 VEX
Address: ACTF9gcmH3JsC48GK71nLSmFECn37Nf1XAY6
Jumlah token tersebut akan di frozen selama 2 tahun.

Jadi dengan adanya token frozen ini, maka sirkulasi peredaran VEX di pasaran bisa semakin berkurang , hal ini untuk dapat menjaga harga VEX di masa mendatang.

Vexanium Token Frozen Announcement

Hi VEX Partners!

Every blockchain company that has coin/token on the market certainly wants their coin/token to be in a stable price range considering the volatility prices in the cryptocurrency industry. There are several strategies to handle the volatility such as strengthen the ecosystem of the company itself or frozen their tokens to reduce circulation of the coin/token on the market.

Token frozen is a condition where a token or coin is frozen so it cannot be used as a transaction tool for a certain period of time. So, by freezing these tokens, the value of these tokens will be stable or even increase in the future because there are only a few available tokens on the market (becoming rare tokens).

This strategy is one of Vexanium strategies where VEX earned in August-September 2018 will enter the first stage of Token Frozen. The VEX amount that will become token frozen obtained from Vexanium ecosystem such as VexGift premium feature and VEX address verification process.

Here is the total of VEX Frozen Token: 299811.3352 VEX
Address: ACTF9gcmH3JsC48GK71nLSmFECn37Nf1XAY6
The amount of token frozen above will be frozen for 2 years.

So with this token frozen, the circulation of VEX in the market can be reduced to maintain the price of VEX in the future.