Dapps Incentive Program 2021 Winners Announcement – Phase 1


In January 2021, the Vexanium Foundation and the Block Producers started the Dapps Incentive Program for 2021, which is a continuous program that has been running for more than a year. Imperceptibly, phase 1 of this program has ended and there have been several DApps and smart contracts built by the community developers on the … Read moreDapps Incentive Program 2021 Winners Announcement – Phase 1

VEX Coin Circulation Supply Update – April 2021

Last October Vexanium Foundation just did an update on the circulation supply of VEX coins which had been approved by block producers. In 2021, the Vexanium blockchain has burned VEX coins twice, so that the supply of VEX coins has changed compared to the previous announcement. Block producers from Vexanium have decided to update the … Read moreVEX Coin Circulation Supply Update – April 2021

Vexanium Roadmap for Q1 2021

vexanium development plan roadmap

After going through 2020 with various interesting activities and achievements, the Vexanium Team is ready to look forward to designing a development plan for the Vexanium blockchain in Q1 2021. After discussing with Vexanium block producers and core developers, the Vexanium blockchain roadmap has been set for Q1 2021. 1. DIP using USDV Token and … Read moreVexanium Roadmap for Q1 2021

Vexanium 2020 Highlight

Vexanium 2020 Highlight – 2020 was a very challenging year. Not only for the Vexanium Team and Block Producers (BP) who continue to strive to improve the Vexanium blockchain ecosystem, but for almost everyone in the world as well. Of course we cannot just stand by, because we must be brave and be able to … Read moreVexanium 2020 Highlight