Vexanium Collaboration with Raharja University Progress Update


[ENGLISH] On Thursday, August 13, 2020, the Vexanium team attended the signing of the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) in collaboration with Raharja University regarding Blockchain-based Education Projects in the Business Incubator Section of Raharja University, Tangerang. The main form of this collaboration is that the Vexanium team will support Raharja University to produce reliable programmers, … Read moreVexanium Collaboration with Raharja University Progress Update

Vexanium Circulation Supply Update 2020

Hi Vex Partners, it’s been a while since we’ve talked about the Vexanium circulation supply update. The last update of the existing VEX coin supply was carried out on June 25, 2019, when the genesis block (first block ever created) of the Vexanium blockchain with a total circulation of around 700,000,000 to 703,000,000, with a … Read moreVexanium Circulation Supply Update 2020

September 2020 Highlight

[ENGLISH] Vexanium September 2020 Highlight is here Vex Partners! In the midst of this ongoing pandemic, the Vexanium Team did not let their guard down nor stop from continuing to provide education and interesting programs to improve the quality of the Vexanium ecosystem. Here are the highlights for Vexanium this month! VYNDAO Alpha Launch (Testnet) … Read moreSeptember 2020 Highlight

Vexanium Global Ambassador Program

Hi VEX Partners! Are you excited about everything related to Vexanium Public Blockchain? Are you a loyal supporter of Vexanium? Be part of the Vexanium blockchain ecosystem journey. Help Vexanium to grow by becoming representative of Vexanium. We are enlisting volunteers to become our Vexanium Global Ambassador. Vexanium Ambassador is Vexanium representatives from all around … Read moreVexanium Global Ambassador Program

What is VEX REX? – Basic Guide

VEX REX stands for “Resource Exchange” or Decentralized Marketplace of the “network resource” in the Vexanium blockchain, REX is also a DeFi (decentralized Finance in Resource Leasing). With the REX, users of the Vexanium blockchain-based application can get resources that are at a lower cost, while the REX token holder can get passive income in … Read moreWhat is VEX REX? – Basic Guide

Vexanium Highlight Juni 2020 – ID

Vexanium June 2020 Highlight

Hi Vex Partners! Vexanium Highlight kembali lagi! Kondisi saat ini yang masih terombang-ambing tidak menghentikan Vexanium untuk dapat memberikan yang terbaik untuk Vex Partners dan juga para penggiat blockchain dan cryptocurrency! Berikut adalah kegiatan, updates, dan pencapaian yang dibuat oleh Vexanium sepanjang Juni ini! Blockchain RAM Storage Upgrade Vexanium Blockchain telah memperbarui penyimpanan RAM dari … Read moreVexanium Highlight Juni 2020 – ID

Vexanium June 2020 Highlight – EN

Vexanium June 2020 Highlight

Hi Vex Partners, Vexanium June 2020 Highlight is here! The current condition that is still being swayed left and right does not stop Vexanium from being able to provide the best for Vex Partners, also blockchain, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world! Here are the activities, updates, and achievements made by Vexanium throughout June! Blockchain … Read moreVexanium June 2020 Highlight – EN

Vexanium April 2020 Highlight – EN

Vexanium April Highlight

Hi Vex Partners, Vexanium Highlight is here again! No, it’s not a lie, not a joke, April is really coming to an end.Time flies so fast, even more so because most activities are now carried out at home due to the corona virus pandemic that took place since last March. However, the current conditions do … Read moreVexanium April 2020 Highlight – EN

Vexanium April 2020 Highlight – ID

Vexanium April Highlight

Hai Vex Partners, Vexanium Highlight hadir di sini lagi! Tidak, ini bukan kebohongan, bukan candaan, tapi April benar-benar sudah berakhir! Waktu berlalu begitu cepat, terlebih karena sebagian besar kegiatan sekarang dilakukan di rumah karena pandemi virus korona yang terjadi sejak Maret lalu. Namun, kondisi saat ini tidak menghentikan Vexanium untuk bekerja menjadi lebih baik lagi. … Read moreVexanium April 2020 Highlight – ID