Vexanium Dapps Incentive Program 2019

Hi VEX Partners! After Vexanium successfully launched its own mainnet this year, Vexanium allows blockchain developers to create smart contracts and Dapps (Decentralized Application) using Vexanium blockchain. Vexanium has even launched a Dapps competition for blockchain developers who have interesting decentralized application ideas. Right now, it is not just a Dapps idea competition, but Vexanium … Read moreVexanium Dapps Incentive Program 2019

BP Showcase 2019: Asetcryptobp

BP Name: Asetcryptobp Current Rank: 15th Current Votes: 1,656,824 Total Voters: 116 About: Asetcryptobp is a Vexanium block producer that will facilitate Vexanium holders to earn passive income by voting for us. We believe that Vexanium will be adopted publicly in the near future and we want to be part of the process. Promotion: The … Read moreBP Showcase 2019: Asetcryptobp

October 2019 Highlight

Hi VEX Partners! Happy Halloween! Wait the minute.. October is already over? Then it’s time for Vexanium October 2019 Highlight! It has nothing to do with October Halloween vibes indeed, so let’s check it out! BlockTalk 2019 – Surabaya Vexanium just completed a short roadshow in Surabaya with several exchanges, such as Indodax, Rekeningku, Gopax … Read moreOctober 2019 Highlight

Vexanium Holds Conference for Educating Students in Jakarta Regarding Blockchain Technology

Hi VEX Partners! Vexanium will collaborate with Nodes Community to hold a blockchain conference called the Nodes Blockchain Summit on November 18, 2019. This private event (invitational only), which will be held at Pique Nique, West Jakarta, aims to provide information and educate the general public about the benefits of blockchain technology in the future. … Read moreVexanium Holds Conference for Educating Students in Jakarta Regarding Blockchain Technology

BP Showcase 2019: Ekasepbanjar

BP Name: Ekasepbanjar Current Rank:18th Current Votes: 663,306 Total Voters: 19 About:Ekasepbanjar is a BP owned by a young man named Asep Ekas Somantri. Asep Ekas is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who has been following cryptocurrency development for a long time, starting from 2014-present. With the establishment of Ekasepbanjar, Asep Ekas intend to gather other cryptocurrency … Read moreBP Showcase 2019: Ekasepbanjar

BP Showcase 2019: Arthawijaya5

BP Name: Arthawijaya5 Current Rank:1st Current Votes: 37,892,668 Total Voters: 8,789 About:Block producer arthawijaya5 aiming for community-friendly and Dapps business opportunity sharing with voters Offers/Promotion: Free Management Fee Special monthly bonuses for every voter. Business opportunity to build Dapps with BP Arthawijaya5 community The next BP Showcase will be published on Wednesday, 30 October … Read moreBP Showcase 2019: Arthawijaya5

BP Showcase 2019: Vexamania

BP Name: Vexamania Current Rank:2nd Current Votes: 21,692,025 Total Voters: 5,044 About:Vexamania is one of the Vexanium Block Producer (BP) who is the delegate to create new blocks and validator blocks on the Vexanium blockchain network. Offers/Promotion: Terms are easy, only with 5000 Vex with a minimum contract for 3 months. Benefits of Vexamania members: … Read moreBP Showcase 2019: Vexamania

Vexanium Surabaya Roadshow 2019 Highlight

Hi VEX Partners! Vexanium just compeleted a short roadshow in Surabaya with several exchanges, such as Indodax, Rekeningku, Gopax Indonesia, and Digitalexchange. In this four days roadshow, we are able to visit three universities and holds annual meetings with the community in Surabaya. It was a really fun and great experience to be able to … Read moreVexanium Surabaya Roadshow 2019 Highlight

Vexanium September 2019 Highlight

Hi VEX Partners! Vexanium September 2019 highlight is here! We’ve got so much to cover for this highlight since it’s been a really busy and tight schedule for Vexanium this month. VEX Listing at ProBit Vexanium coin (VEX) is available to trade with KRW and USDT at ProBit exchange (Korea). The deposit starts on Monday, … Read moreVexanium September 2019 Highlight

Vexanium Goes to Campus 2019 – Surabaya

Hi VEX Partners! As the first Indonesia public blockchain, Vexanium wants to make a big changes in Indonesia with blockchain technology and ecosystem. The first step to realise that mission is to educate the society about blockchain technology. One of the crucial target for this educational mission is college students, because in the midst of … Read moreVexanium Goes to Campus 2019 – Surabaya