Vexanium Dapps Incentive Program

Vexanium Dapps Incentive Program

Hi VEX Partners!

Vexanium Dapps Incentive Program Phase 3 is live from 13 April – 30 June 2020, which is today! There will be a total of 2.000.000 VEX for this phase, with 6 different classes.

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For your information, Vexanium Dapps Incentive Program is an appreciation program for developers who create Dapps on top of the Vexanium blockchain network. This program wants to invite all blockchain developers and enthusiasts around the world to join the Vexanium blockchain ecosystem.

Why Build Dapps with Vexanium Blockchain?

Vexanium Blockchain is using one of the most sophisticated blockchain technology today. With a Delegated Proof of Stakes (DPoS) consensus algorithm, Vexanium blockchain provides an infinitely scalable, advanced performance, permissionless, free transaction fees blockchain technology for Dapps development.

From this Vexanium Dapps Incentive Program phase two, Vexanium will give incentives for every Dapps that are created with Vexanium blockchain by blockchain developers around the world. The total Dapps incentives for the first phase is 2,000,000 VEX!

How to enter?

  1. Visit the Vexanium Developer Portal to get more information about Vexanium blockchain.
  2. Download Vexanium Contract Development Toolkit (vex.cdt) for using Vexanium blockchain at Vexanium GitHub.
  3. Visit the Vexanium Website and submit a Dapp that is operational and does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any other.
  4. If you are interested in the contest, please send an email to to receive VEX and account creation.

Incentive Details

Vexanium technical review team will review the submitted smart contracts and give a rating for every Dapps submitted by developers and there are no restrictions on how many Dapps a developer can submit. The corresponding rewards for each level are as follows:

  1. Class A: 500,000 VEX
  2. Class B: 250,000 VEX
  3. Class C: 100,000 VEX
  4. Class D: 20,000 VEX
  5. Class E: 10,000 VEX
  6. Class F: 5,000 VEX

*The remaining VEX that is not distributed will be burned.

Dapps Incentive Related Documents

  1. Dapp URL (web-version).
  2. Team info.
  3. Vexanium smart contract address.

*Submissions must be in English.

How to Qualify?

  • The Dapp must be live at the time of review.
  • The Dapp must be deployed on the Vexanium blockchain network and must function as expected.
  • Vexanium will review the Dapp(s) within 10 working days after submission. 

*After reviewing your submission, we will send a confirmation letter to you. If you did not receive the confirmation email, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to receive rewards?

  • To be eligible for rewards, your Dapp must be deployed on Vexanium blockchain network
  • The rewards will be distributed two weeks after the submitted Dapps are reviewed.
  • The selected winner(s) will be announced on our blog and all of our social media.


  • If the submitted Dapps does not meet our review criteria, Vexanium can cancel the rewards distribution. 
  • The Vexanium review team holds the decision regarding the incentives rewards.
  • The submitted Dapps could be used for promotion or other campaign-related purposes by Vexanium. Additional payment or notification from Vexanium will not be necessary.

If you have any questions, please send an email to or add Vexanium Telegram Vexanium also invites you to bring us more valuable opinions as we are committed to continuously improve and enrich the technical content. We look forward to your participation!

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