Vexanium 2019 Highlight

Vexanium 2019 Highlight

Hi Vex Partners!

2019 for Vexanium has become a roller coaster ride – so many ups and downs, we had so many hectic moments yet still fun and exciting! We accomplished a lot and we are proud to say that we continued to improve and develop throughout 2019!

Here, we have summarized all the main Vexanium events just for you!

Mainnet Launch

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On July 11, 2019, Vexanium officially launched its mainnet or in other words, Vexanium had its own blockchain technology to create smart contracts and decentralized applications. Vexanium blockchain technology allows developers and other users to create smart contracts, Dapps, and blockchain projects on top of the Vexanium blockchain network.

Dapps itself is a new type of application that uses blockchain technology as its base. Dapps exists as a decentralized network run by users without central control or potential failure. It means that, when users use the application, they don’t have to give their personal data to companies that can misuse their data.

Vex Wallet Launch

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With the launch of the mainnet, Vexanium also launches its own blockchain wallet to support all of the Vexanium blockchain ecosystems. This blockchain wallet’s main function is to store digital assets, sending VEX, receiving VEX, and use all Vexanium decentralized applications.

Vex Wallet can accommodate more than 2000 TPS (transactions per second), so it will only take seconds for doing transactions on the Vexanium blockchain network. The “transaction” term also refers to using and creating Vexanium decentralized applications

Download Vex Wallet here.

Vexanium Explorer Launch

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To monitor its blockchain network, Vexanium launches a software application in the form of a website to check everything that is related to Vexanium blockchain. From this website, users can check VEX to USD live chart price, RAM price, blocks that have been created, block producers and many more. Besides that, users can also connect Vexanium Explorer with Vex Wallet to transfer VEX, buy, sell, or donate RAM, and vote for block producers in the VEX Browser.

Visit Vexanium Explorer here.

Vexanium Roadshow

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To continue to maintain good relations with its community, Vexanium is always active to conduct roadshows to various cities. This year Vexanium has conducted several roadshows to major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Medan, Batam, and others.

The activities carried out during the roadshow are Vexanium to update the project to community members to present what Vexanium has done, as well as what plans Vexanium has. In addition, this activity also serves as a means of community engagement for the Vexanium community.

Vexanium Goes to Campus

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Vexanium wants to make big changes in society with blockchain technology and the ecosystem. The first step to realize the mission is to educate the society about blockchain technology. With this in mind, Vexanium conducted its first goes to campus event to educate college students in Indonesia about blockchain technology.

By joining this free event, students can get knowledge about blockchain technology, seminar certificate, and free snack. With this event, Vexanium wants to introduce a new potential field to the students, which is blockchain technology.

Nodes Blockchain Summit 2019

Vexanium is collaborating with Nodes Community to create a blockchain summit called the Nodes Blockchain Summit on November 18, 2019. This private event (invitation only), which was held at Pique Nique, West Jakarta, Indonesia aimed to provide information and educate the general public about the benefits of blockchain technology in the future.

This summit is attended by more than 200 people from various backgrounds, such as representatives of government, blockchain experts, blockchain enthusiasts, and many more. With the support of Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of Indonesia, ABI, and APTIKNAS.  This event is also enlivened by representatives from blockchain and cryptocurrency activists across SEA.

Vexanium Club Launch

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As a decentralized public blockchain, the Vexanium blockchain network is a technology that is not owned by anyone. It can be said that Vexanium has become a decentralized autonomous organization, which makes it community-driven. To support this, Vexanium Foundation has created a forum for users, developers and investors to gather to discuss Vexanium blockchain technology.

In this forum members can discuss how to make decentralized applications, using smart contracts, problems encountered in the Vexanium blockchain network and so on. This allows open communication, in accordance with the concept of decentralization.

Join Vexanium Club now!

Vexanium Blockchain Network Review

This is the review for Vexanium Blockchain Network so far, since the 11th of July 2019.

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We can’t wait to welcome 2020 with our new plans and achievements. As the next-generation blockchain, Vexanium will continue to develop and strive for our technology to be used by all industry sectors, both local and global. We hope Vex Partners will always support our development and willing to move forward together to be the best!

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