Vexanium Highlight In May

Hi Vex Users,
May has been a busy month for us. May has taken us to some achievements on our milestone. Our participation on Blockjakarta Blockchain Conference 2018, our very first ICO 1 & ICO 2, and our roadshow to Blockchain Applications & Economics Forum 2018 at Manila has been on our May agenda. Here’s a summary of our highlight in May.
Blockjakarta Blockchain Conference 2018

We started our May by attending one of the largest blockchain conference that held in Ritz-Carlton Jakarta on 9th May 2018. There was great moment to discuss how blockchain especially Vexanium could offer a solution in voucher and loyalty program industry. Our Founder and CEO, Danny Baskara also speaking on stage by bringing ‘From Loyalty Program in Web 2.0 to the Whole New Decentralized Ecosystem World’ topic.

ICO 1st Phase and 2nd Phase
As we all know, ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a very crucial moment for blockchain company since the result of the ICO could define whether the company is credible or not. We had our 1st phase and 2nd phase ICO on May and it did bring us a surprised result that lots of investor interested and trusted on Vexanium business model.

On our ICO, we offer 4 kinds source of payments. Investor could choose by using Ethereum, ACT, Bitcoin, and TEN to purchase their VEX. Investor will also get 5% Bonus when they bought 20.000 VEX and 10% bonus when they bought 100.000 VEX

There was more than 1.200 investors that participated from 15 countries and less than 24 Hour on our 1st phase ICO. Also, we got another contest that still ICO related which is still running now.

Blockchain Applications And Economic Forum 2018

We ended our May by attending Blockchain Applications And Economic Forum 2018 that held in Manila, Philippines. Our Founder and CEO, Danny Baskara also speaking on stage by bringing ‘How Transparency in Blockchain Disrupt Voucher And Loyalty Program Industry’ and ‘Revolution In Voucher And Loyalty Program Industry Using Blockchain Technology’ topics.

It’s been our pleasure to participate on this event and we also fielded lots of inquiries and discussion from token holders and blockchain enthusiasts.
Thank you for reading our jouney in May, see you on next month highlight!

Vexanium X Digitalis Online Sharing Session (Bahasa)

Hi Vex Users,
Vexanium berkolaborasi dengan Digitalis akan mengadakan Online Sharing Session dengan topik ‘ Bagaimana Blockchain Bisa Merevolusi Industri Voucher Dan Loyalty Program’.

Online sharing session ini GRATIS dan akan diadakan dalam Bahasa Indonesia.
Topik: Bagaimana Blockchain Bisa Merevolusi Industri Voucher Dan Loyalty Program
Hari & Tanggal: Kamis, 6 Juni 2018
Waktu: 20.00 WIB / GMT+7
Lokasi: Di depan laptop Anda masing-masing
Pembicara: Edward Guustaaf (Community Manager of Vexanium)
Moderator: Rhein Mahatma (Founder of
Anda bisa langsung melakukan registrasi di (case sensitive, gunakan huruf kecil)

Vexanium Roadshow to Yogyakarta

We’re coming to Yogyakarta!
Vexanium, perusahaan blockchain terdepan di industri voucher dan loyalty program akan mengadakan roadshow di Yogyakarta. Berikut adalah tempat dan tanggal yang telah ditentukan:
Tempat: Hotel Dafam Fortuna
Jl. Dagen №60 , Sosromenduran, DI Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Hari & Tanggal: Jumat, 1 Juni 2018
Pukul: 15.00 — 17.00

Dengan mengusung topik “Mengenal Dunia Blockchain Dari Indonesia”, pembicara yang akan hadir di roadshow ini adalah Danny Baskara selaku CEO & Founder Vexanium serta pembicara lainnya dari ICD (Indonesian Cryptocurrency Discussion), Tokenomy, dan Indodax.
Anda bisa melakukan reservasi dengan SMS / Whatsapp ke +6282136450954 ( Adetya)
See you there!

Vexanium Roadshow at Blockchain Applications and Economics Forum 2018

Will you be around in Manila next week? Come meet with us!
Vexanium, a decentralized marketing ecosystem for merchants, will have their roadshow at Blockchain Applications and Economics Forum 2018, one of the most engaging blockchain events. This event will be held in Manila, Philippines on May 29–30, 2018. Vexanium’s booth will be located in SMX Convention Center, Manila.

Our Founder and CEO, Danny Baskara will be speaking on stage at 11.30 and 15.00 (GMT+8) on 29 & 30 May 2018.
See you there!

How To Purchase VEX Token By Using TEN Via Indodax

Hi Vex Users,
Vexanium (VEX) token sale (ICO) week 2 has started on 23rd May 2018 at 15.00 GMT+7 until 30th May 2018 22.00 GMT+7.

You may follow the steps as below to purchase VEX token by using TEN via Indodax
1. Go to page: and login.

2. Choose “Exchange (INDODAX TEN / Tokenomy Address)” at Source column.
3. Put the amount that you want to purchase and then click submit. Make sure the amount you put there is no less than the minimum amount.

4. Here is the destination address you got to send your TEN.

5. Login to your Indodax account.
6. Click deposit / withdraw TEN.

7. Input amount of TEN that you want to purchase, destination address to send TEN that you got from Vexanium, and PIN SMS which will send to phone number that you registered on Indodax.
8. Click send.

9. The ID TX for your transaction will be sent to your e-mail
10. After you copy the ID TX, re-open the Vexanium dashboard.
11. Head to transaction section and click confirm payment.

12. Input your ID TX and click confirm.

13. Here is the view when you already confirmed your payment. Your transaction will approve 1×24 hour.

Cara Melakukan Pembelian VEX Token Dengan Menggunakan TEN Via Indodax

Hi Vex Users,
Token Sale (ICO) Vexanium (VEX) Batch 2 dilakukan pada tanggal 23 Mei 2018 pukul 14.00 WIB — 30 Mei 2018 pukul 22.00 WIB.

Berikut adalah cara melakukan pembelian VEX dengan menggunakan TEN via indodax:
1. Login di

2. Pilih exchange INDODAX TEN pada kolom source.
3. Masukkan jumlah yang diinginkan klik submit.

4. Berikut adalah alamat tujuan untuk mengirim TEN

5. Buka akun INDODAX Anda
6. Klik deposit / withdraw TEN

7. Masukkan jumlah TEN, alamat tujuan untuk mengirim TEN, serta PIN SMS.
8. Klik kirim.

9. ID TX Anda untuk transaksi ini akan dikirimkan via e-mail
10. Setelah Anda copy ID TX tersebut, buka kembali dashboard Vexanium
11. Buka bagian transaction dan klik confirm payment.

12. Masukkan ID TX Anda dan klik confirm

13. Berikut adalah tampilan ketika Anda sudah melakukan konfirmasi pembayaran. Transaksi Anda akan di approve maksimal 1×24 jam.

Announcing the “Vexanium Referral Contest”

Vexanium Competition Starts Today 🏆
Hi guys,
Vexanium ICO is going strong right now. But first of all, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who have participated in our VEX token sale. We have more than 1,200 participants from 15 countries have joined our ICO Batch 1. Thank you guys!

As our VEX community continues to grow and we prepare to reach out to an even greater number of supporters. Therefore, it gives us great pleasure to announce the “Vexanium Referral Contest” today. The contest will have 3 categories:

1.Main Category ( Top referral)
Refer your friends for a chance to win 120,000 VEX (worth 1800 USD! ). The more you refer, the more you earn.
1st winner: 120,000 VEX
2nd winner: 80,000 VEX
3rd winner: 60,000 VEX
4th winner: 35,000 VEX
5th-10th winner: 15,000 VEX
Winner will be chosen based on the amount of VEX token that they can get from their referrals. We will choose the one who gets the largest amount as our top winner.

2. Favorite Category
For those who’ve already referred your friends and haven’t been part of the main category, you’ll be enrolled into this category automatically. We will choose the most creative user in promoting Vexanium.
1st favorite: 35,000 VEX
2nd favorite: 25,000 VEX
3rd favorite: 15,000 VEX
4th favorite: 10,000 VEX
5th favorite: 6,000 VEX
6th-10th favorite: 3,000 VEX
Here are some explanations you need to know about this category:
The first step. Create creative photo or video with topic Together With Vexanium or your exploration about Vexanium. This creative photo or video could tell about your togetherness with your loved ones. Do not forget to input Vexanium logo or your Vexanium yel yel.
The second step. Create caption as creative as you could, upload to your social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) with hashtag #TogetherWithVexanium and tag us @ Vexanium.
The third step. Follow our social media account at Vexanium (facebook, youtube, instagram).
Here are the examples:

Looking forward for your cooperation. Thank you!
3. Lucky Draw
We will have 30 lucky draw winners who can win 300 VEX token each – if you refer your friends to purchase VEX successfully.
This referral contest will end after the ICO is finished.
Distribution of the referral token or gift token will be distributed 1 month after VEX token is listed on the exchange.
This contest could extended anytime
** All the decisions are made by the Vexanium committee and can’t be changed.

[Bahasa] Vexanium Referral Contest

Melihat Antusiasme Yang sangat besar di masyarakat tentang vexanium
Kami Tim Vexanium memutuskan untuk membuat Kontes Referral pada Crowdsale kali ini dan dalam hal ada 3 kategori lomba pada kontes referral kali ini
3 Kategori tersebut adalah Kategori Utama , Kategori Favorit dan Kategori Lucky Draw

Kategori Utama (The Largest Referrals Contest.)
Undang Teman anda dan dapatkan Kesempatan Memenangkan 120,000 VEX (senilai USD 1800!) . The More Your Refer, The More You Earn!
1st winner 120,000 vex
2nd winner 80,000 vex
3nd winner 60,000 vex
4th winner 35,000 vex
5th-10th winner 15,000 vex
Pemenang Ditentukan dari jumlah Vex terbanyak yang didapat dari hasil Referral ( mengundang teman anda untuk membeli ico vex )

2. Kategori Favorit
Bagi Para Referral yang telah bekerja maksimal namun tidak masuk dalam kategori Top Referral maka akan masuk dalam kategori favorit ,dan untuk pemenang favorit vexanium akan memilih berdasarkan kreativitas , kerja keras dan totalitas dalam mempromosikan vexanium
1st favorite 35,000 vex
2nd favorite 25,000 vex
3rd favorite 15,000 vex
4th favorite 10,000 vex
5th favorite 6,000 vex
6th-10th favorite 3,000 vex

Berikut adalah langkah-langkah yang harus Anda ikuti jika ingin berpartisipasi dalam kategori ini.
Langkah pertama. Buatlah foto atau video kreatif yang bertemakan tentang kebersamaan atau eksplorasi kamu mengenai Vexanium. Foto atau video kreatif tersebut bisa menunjukkan kegiatan kamu yang sedang melakukan buka puasa, sahur bareng hingga mudik bersama. Jangan lupa juga untuk memasukkan logo atau yel-yel mengenai Vexanium di foto atau video ini.
Langkah kedua. Buatlah caption semenarik mungkin dan upload di sosial media kamu seperti facebook, twitter, dan instagram. Kemudian sertakan juga hashtag #TogetherWithVexanium dan tag Vexanium.
Langkah ketiga. Follow akun sosial media kami seperti facebook, twitter, dan instagram.
Contohnya adalah sebagai berikut:

3. Lucky Draw
30 Orang yang beruntung yang telah berhasil mengundang orang lain untuk membeli Token VEX maka secara Acak akan mendapatkan masing-masing senilai 300 VEX
Kontes Referral ini berlaku sejak presale dan berakhir hingga pada masa ICO selesai
** Pembagian Token Referral ataupun token Hadiah dari contest akan kurang lebih dibagikan 1 bulan setelah listing di exchange
** Keputusan Pemenang dari panitia kontes bersifat mutlak dan tidak dapat di ganggu gugat
** Kontes dapat diperpanjang sewaktu-waktu oleh panitia

(Bahasa) Cara Membuat Akun Di Kcash Wallet

Hai Vex users,
Token Sale (ICO) Vexanium (VEX) dilakukan pada tanggal 16 Mei 2018 pukul 15.00 WITA. Sebelum Anda mulai melakukan registrasi di website Vexanium sebaiknya Anda install Kcash Wallet terlebih dahulu di Playstore untuk para pengguna Android dan di untuk para pengguna iOS. Wallet ini Anda perlukan untuk menyimpan VEX token yang akan diterima. Berikut adalah langkah-langkah dalam registrasi Kcash Wallet:

1. Download KCash di playstore untuk para pengguna android dan di untuk para pengguna iOS.
2. Klik Create Wallet untuk membuat akun.

3. Masukkan pin yang akan digunakan ketika bertransaksi dengan menggunakan Kcash Wallet.

4. Click Backup lalu click OK.

5. Simpan Mnemonic yang tertera dan click Next.

6. Masukkan Mnemonic yang sudah Anda simpan sebelumnya dan klik OK

7. Berikut adalah tampilan Wallet Kcash.

8. Klik tanda + pada pojok kanan atas di halaman Total Assets.
9. Klik Next kemudian klik Got It.

10. Klik logo Search pada pojok kanan atas dan ketik VEX.

11. Klik Add.

12. Registrasi selesai

Update | How to Participate in VEX Token Sale (ICO)

A STEP by STEP Guide
Hi guys,
Vexanium (VEX) token sale (ICO) week 3 has started on 19th June 2018 at 14.00 GMT+7.

You may follow the steps as below to participate in token sale:
Go to page:
Fill out the infomation such as your full name, e-mail, phone number, password, nationality, and referral code- if you have one.

3. Check “I’m Not A Robot” and “I Agree The Terms And Conditions” boxes.
4. Click “Sign Up” and you will receive a notification that says “Your registration was successful”.

5. And now you can login to your account.
6. Fill out the information for KYC: You full name, ID (KTP/Driving License/Passport), ETH/TEN address or BTC address. The address is the one from wallet/exchange that you want use it to purchase VEX. Make sure your full name is same as the one on your ID.

7. Click “Submit”.
8. Click Dashboard menu to see the minimum amount required to purchase VEX.
Minimum transaction: 100 ACT/100 TEN/0.0003 BTC/ 0.05 ETH / 1000 NPXS
The amount of VEX that you will get: 1 ETH= 18,000 VEX, 1 ACT= 4 VEX, 1 BTC= 250,000 VEX, 1 TEN= 8 VEX.

9. Choose the source of wallet/exchange that you want to use:

10. Put the amount that you want to purchase. Make sure the amount you put there is no less than the minimum amount.

11. Then you can click “Submit”.
12. Send amount to the address you have.
13. There will be a TX ID as your transaction ID.
14. Click “Transaction” and then click “Confirm” your payment.
15. Put TX ID you get from the exchange /wallet and then click “Submit”.

16. Once transaction is confirmed and then token will be distributed to your ACT address in your Kcash Wallet after our ICO 4 is finish.

Watch detail information on video:

If you don’t have Kcash Wallet yet, please check the guide here:
Thank you for your support and happy trading!