Vexanium Highlight In June – August

Hi Vex Partners,

These past three months have been busy months for us. During June until August there are lots of achievement and improvement that we would like to share them with you! There are 3 highlight categories during these three months: Event, Listing, and Partnership. Here is the summary.


We achieved hardcap on our ICO (300.000.000 VEX sold) with 15.000 estimation participants from more than 15 countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam until India.

Then we also had 3 airdrop events to every crypto investors that interested in our token. On this event, the investors will deposit some amount of VEX for few weeks and then they will get additional VEX as their bonus. The amount of bonus was 2%, 2,5%, and 3% from total of VEX they deposited. The other similar event was Pandora Box worth 100 VEX where investors could take a chance to guess the exchange where VEX will be listed.

Last but not least on this category, we launched VexGift, our very first ecosystem. VexGift is the first blockchain-based voucher and loyalty program application in Asia that specifically designed for crypto users and investors. VexGift is a also a breakthrough in blockchain and cryptocurrency industries where user who hold VEX on their digital wallet could earn Vex Point that could be redeemed to vouchers and other digital assets on VexGift application. Download VexGift here


Beside focus on building our ecosystem, our team also focus on making every crypto investors could get their VEX easily by listing on some exchanges. These are some exchange that VEX listed on:

1. Exrates → VEX/BTC. Go to for buying VEX
2. BTC-Alpha → VEX/BTC & VEX/USD. Go to for buying VEX
3. Tokenomy → VEX/BTC, VEX/USDT, VEX/TEN. Go to for buying VEX
5. Indodax → VEX/IDR. Go to for buying VEX
6. IDAX → VEX/BTC. Go to for buying VEX

Not only listed on exchange, VEX is also listed on some platforms that provide information about digital assets such as the market cap, trading volume, price volume from various exchange and price charts. You could find the complete information about VEX on CoinMarketCap, Coin Hills, and Coin Gecko,


As we mentioned before, VexGift is the first blockchain-based voucher and loyalty program application that specifically designed for crypto users and crypto investors. User could redeem the Vex Point they earn to voucher and digital assets that available on VexGift.

There are some companies that we collaborated on:

Flower Advisor → Indonesia’s top florist that offers flower delivery on same day or the next day and already served more then 100 countries with majority of customers that come from United States, Britain, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Korea, Japan, Canada, Italy, Mexico, France, and Australia. Flower Advisor also offers various of product from bouquet flower to gifts for certain events

FlipNPik → a French blockchain company on social media industry for offline businesses. FlipNpik’s mission to contribute to local economic growth and helps offline merchants to grow faster by developing an online platform where merchants could reach more potential customers. The users on this platform could also give reviews or add offline businesses around them on their FlipNpik app and they will get token as a reward that can be used to shop at merchants who cooperate with FlipNpik

KFC → User could redeem the Vex Point they got to KFC Voucher on VexGift application

Tokenomy (TEN) → TEN token airdrop is available as digital asset that you could get by using Vex Point

Heluss (HUT) → Heluss is global insurance system built on Achain blockchain platform and based around the HUT token, a globally tradable cryptographic token and the future of risk mitigation. HUT token airdrop is available as digital asset that you could get by using Vex Point

Thank you for reading and see you on our next highlight!

[Bahasa] Manfaat & Ketentuan VexPoint Dan Premium Member Pada Aplikasi VexGift

Hi Vex Partners,

VexGift BETA Version telah diluncurkan dan bisa dinikmati oleh para VEX holders sejak akhir bulan Agustus kemarin. Salah satu fitur andalan yang terdapat di VexGift adalah Snapshot di mana Anda bisa mendapatkan Vex Poin dengan menyimpan VEX di wallet digital Anda. Vex Poin ini bisa Anda tukarkan dengan berbagai voucher menarik lainnya dari merchant premium kami dan juga dapat ditukarkan dengan asset digital lainnya. Berikut adalah penjelasan mengenai ketentuan Snapshot yang harus Anda perhatikan pada aplikasi VexGift.

Cara Mengikuti VexGift Snapshot:
1. Daftarkan VEX address yang berada di wallet digital Anda (KCash Wallet)
2. Anda akan bisa mulai mendapatkan VEX Point setelah saldo awal yang terdaftar tersebut sampai ke fase ke-3 Snapshot.
3. Anda akan melewati 2 fase Snapshot, dan akan mulai mendapatkan VEX Point di fase ke-3.
4. Jika saldo yang terdaftar di S3 mengalami perubahan, maka hasil akhir di fase ke-3 untuk mendapatkan VEX Point juga akan berubah.

dengan penjelasan sebagai berikut

Cara kerja Snapshot:
1. Snapshot akan dilakukan setiap 12 jam sekali (12.00 AM dan 12.00 PM). Setiap kali snapshot, maka user melewati sebuah fase.
2. Snapshot memiliki 3 fase, yaitu fase S1, S2, dan S3.
3. Fase S1 dan S2 merupakan tahap dimana user harus menyimpan VEX mereka sampai mereka sampai di fase S3.
4. Untuk mulai bisa mendapatkan VEX Point user harus sampai di tahap S3.
5. Jika selama fase S1 atau S2 user melakukan withdraw (walaupun user belum melewati Snapshot), maka hasil akhir user ke fase S3 juga akan berkurang, sesuai dengan jumlah yang berkurang.
6. Jika selama fase S1 atau S2 user melakukan deposit, maka jumlah deposit tersebut akan masuk ke fase S1. Jadi saldo baru tersebut harus melewati fase S1 dan S2 baru bisa diakumulasikan dengan saldo yang sudah ada di S3.
7. Jika user hanya memiliki saldo di S3, maka kalau user withdraw, saldo di fase S3 akan berkurang, sesuai jumlah yang dikurangi.
8. Jika user memiliki saldo di S1 atau S2, maka jika user withdraw, saldo di fase S1 atau S2 akan berkurang sesuai jumlah yang di withdraw (jika melebihi jumlah yang ada di S1 atau S2, maka akan ditarik dari S3 juga).
9. Jumlah VEX Point yang didapat oleh user terhitung dari jumlah saldonya yang sudah ada di fase S3 dikalikan dengan 0,25% pada setiap kali periode snapshot
10. Jika user withdraw semua saldonya, maka Snapshot ter-reset
11. Maximum jumlah VEX pada S3 yang akan terdeteksi di saat snapshot adalah 500.000 VEX.

12. Maximum jumlah VP yang dapat diterima perharinya adalah 2500 VP dengan maksimum 1250VP / per snapshot.

Berikut adalah video penjelasan mengenai snapshot:

Premium Member

Selain fitur snapshot, VexGift juga menawarkan fitur Premium Member dimana para user bisa mengupgrade status membership mereka sehingga user bisa menikmati berbagai keuntungan yang ditawarkan diantaranya adalah akses ke voucher dan token premium, kesempatan untuk mengikuti undian yang diadakan hingga akses lebih awal ke voucher eksklusif.

Untuk bergabung menjadi Premium Member, berikut adalah langkah-langkah yang Anda bisa ikuti:
1. Klik bagian More dalam aplikasi VexGift
2. Pilih ‘Premium Member’
3. Klik ‘Buy’ pada paket Premium Member yang Anda inginkan
4. Klik ‘Buy Now’
5. Kirim jumlah VEX yang dibutuhkan pada alamat yang tertera
User bisa melakukan pembelian membership jika masa durasi membership kurang dari 30 hari tetapi apabila durasi membership user lebih dari 30 hari tidak bisa melakukan pembelian premium membership

Contoh kasus:

Pada 1 Januari pukul 10.30, user membeli paket premium member selama 14 hari dengan membayar 500 VEX. Paket premium member tersebut akan berakhir pada tanggal 15 Januari pukul 10.29. Durasi berjalan 14×24 jam sejak transaksi berhasil.

Kemudian pada 2 Januari pukul 11.30, user kembali membeli paket premium member selama 14 hari sebanyak 2 kali. Pembelian ini menambahkan masa premium member selama 14×24 jam sebanyak dua kali, terhitung dari masa berakhir durasi premium pertama. Dengan pembelian pada tanggal 2 Januari, jumlah durasi yang dimiliki adalah 41 hari dan akan berakhir pada 12 Februari pukul 10.29.

Jika user ingin memperpanjang membership pada tanggal 12 Januari, maka fitur perpanjangan ini tidak akan aktif karena user masih memiliki durasi membership selama 31 hari. Namun user dapat memperpanjang durasi premium membernya pada tanggal 14 Januari di mana user memiliki durasi membership selama 29 hari.

Creative Content Campaign Winner Announcement

Hi Vex Partners,

First of all, we would like to say thank you for those who already support and participate on our Creative Content Campaign. So here is the list of creative content campaign winner:

1. 1st winner: 35.000 VEX

2. 2nd winner: 25.000 VEX

3. 3rd winner: 15.000 VEX

4. 4th winner: 10.000 VEX

5. 5th winner: 6.000 VEX

6. 6th winner: 3.000 VEX

7. 7th winner: 3.000 VEX

8. 8th winner: 3.000 VEX

9. 9th winner: 3.000 VEX

10. 10th winner: 3.000 VEX

1. All decisions are made by Vexanium team and can’t be changed
2. Winners will be contacted by Vexanium team
3. VEX distribution will be maximum on 7th September 2018

Referral Contest Winner
The winner could be accessed by sign in on your Vexanium account and click on leaderboard section.
Click the link here

1. VEX distribution will be maximum on 7th September 2018

Lucky Draw Winner
1. Winners will be contacted by Vexanium team
2. VEX distribution will be maximum on 7th September 2018
3. All decisions are made by Vexanium team and can’t be changed

[Bahasa] VEX New Exchange Listing: IDAX — Vexanium

Hi Vex Partners,

VEX sudah tersedia untuk ditradingkan di IDAX, salah satu exchange cryptocurrency terbesar di China mulai dari Kamis, 30 Agustus 2018 pukul 15.00 GMT+7 dan deposit akan dimulai pada Rabu, 29 Agustus 2018 12.00 GMT+7.

IDAX sendiri merupakan salah satu exchange cryptocurrency terbesar di China yang menawarkan lebih dari 50 koin dengan pairing BTC, ETH, dan USDT. IDAX juga memiliki 2FA mekanisme login untuk mendukung sistem keamanan dari IDAX sendiri. Kemudian trading fee yang ditawarkan IDAX juga cukup kompetitif yaitu 0.2%. Tampilan website IDAX sendiri cukup simple dan informatif bagi para trader. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut Anda bisa langsung mengunjungi

Dengan masuknya VEX ke dalam market IDAX, maka diharapkan kerjasama ini bisa mendukung kestabilan dalam ekosistem koin vexa itu sendiri. Kemudian hal ini diharapkan juga bisa menjadi jawaban atas setiap antusiasme dan support dari para Vex Partners yang terus mendukung sejak masa ICO dimulai. Selain itu juga akan menambah keberagaman pairing token di ekosistem di exchange IDAX.

VEX New Exchange Listing: IDAX — Vexanium

Hi VEX Partners,
VEX will be available for trading on IDAX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in China starts from Thursday, 30th August 2018 15.00 GMT+7 and deposit starts from Wednesday, 29th August 2018 15.00 GMT+7.

IDAX itself is one of the largest crypto to crypto exchange in China. It offers BTC, ETH, and USDT trading pairs with more than 50 coins listed. IDAX also has 2FA login mechanism to support the security of their exchange. Beside that, the trading fees that IDAX offers quite competitive, 0.2% per trade. IDAX website platform is also quite simple and informative. You could find more information here

With this cooperation between Vexanium and IDAX, of course will bring more stability to Vexanium Coin Ecosystem and also be the answer to Vex Partners enthusiasm also Vexanium add up coin diversity in IDAX.

VexGift, A New Breakthrough In Blockchain Industry

Blockchain and cryptocurrency industries are being a hot topic in the technology world in recent years. Many believed that these industries have better advantages than the common technology people already used. One of the main characteristics of the blockchain itself is transparency and decentralized data collection system. Because of that, Vexanium, a blockchain company in voucher and loyalty program industry presents their first ecosystem, VexGift.

VexGift is a blockchain-based application that offers voucher and loyalty program which specifically designed for cryptocurrency users and investors with several main features such as free tokens, regular voucher, and premium voucher. The application that is launched on this stage is Beta version.

The free token feature allows certain number of users to get another token for free which the value of token is likely to increase according to market prices on VexGift application. The token itself is a token that already affiliated with Vexanium system.

Although this application is specifically designed for cryptocurrency users and investors, shoppers still could use this application. This can be seen from the type of vouchers that VexGift provided, regular voucher and premium voucher. Regular voucher that offered with limited amount can be accessed by every user, both cryptocurrency user/investor and shopper who download VexGift application on their smartphone.

Then the second type is premium voucher is the type of voucher that is allocated for every users who hold VEX in their digital wallet where they will get VEX point everytime snapshot moment happens, this VEX point could be redeemed with vouchers from premium merchants that already collaborated with VexGift or with other digital assets.

Vexanium team would like to thank each of VEX partners who have supported Vexanium until the BETA launch of VexGift. Please complete the KYC first and give feedback about VexGift BETA version. As our gratitude, we provide free voucher and premium member voucher on VexGift only for you. For the other launching schedule and other interesting features could be found on the roadmap at Vexanium website.

[Bahasa] VexGift, Terobosan Baru Di Industri Blockchain

Industri blockchain dan cryptocurrency sedang menjadi topik yang hangat di dunia teknologi pada beberapa tahun terakhir ini. Industri ini dipercaya memiliki kelebihan yang lebih baik dibandingkan industri teknologi pada umumnya. Salah satu ciri utama blockchain sendiri adalah transparansi dan sistem pendataan yang desentralisasi. Oleh karena itu Vexanium, perusahaan blockchain yang berkecimpung di industri voucher dan loyalty program menghadirkan ekosistem pertamanya yaitu VexGift.

VexGift merupakan aplikasi voucher dan loyalty program berbasis blockchain yang dirancang khusus bagi para user dan investor cryptocurrency dengan beberapa fitur andalan yang ditawarkan antara lain free token, voucher regular dan voucher premium. Pada tahap ini tahap yang diluncurkan adalah VexGift versi beta.

Fitur free token memungkinkan pengguna dalam jumlah tertentu untuk mendapatkan token lain secara gratis yang nilainya memiliki kemungkinan untuk terapresiasi (meningkat sesuai dengan harga pasar) pada aplikasi VexGift. Jenis token ini sendiri merupakan token yang sudah terafiliasi dengan sistem Vexanium.

Meskipun aplikasi ini di desain khusus bagi para user dan investor cryptocurrency, para shopper pun masih bisa menggunakan aplikasi ini. Hal ini bisa dilihat dari 2 tipe voucher yang tersedia di aplikasi yaitu voucher regular dan voucher premium. Voucher regular yang ditawarkan dengan jumlah terbatas bisa diakses oleh setiap user baik investor maupun non investor yang mengunduh aplikasi VexGift di smartphone nya.

Kemudian untuk voucher premium merupakan jenis voucher yang dikhususkan bagi setiap user yang menyimpan VEX di wallet digital dimana nantinya para user akan mendapatkan VEX poin pada setiap momen snapshot dimana VEX poin ini bisa ditukarkan dengan voucher dari merchant-merchant premium yang bekerjasama dengan VexGift atau dengan aset digital lainnya.

Segenap tim Vexanium mengucapkan terima kasih untuk setiap VEX Partners yang telah mendukung Vexanium hingga diluncurkannya aplikasi VexGift tahap BETA ini. Mohon untuk mengisi KYC terlebih dahulu dan memberikan feedback mengenai aplikasi VexGift tahap BETA. Sebagai rasa terima kasih, Anda bisa mendapatkan voucher gratis dan voucher premium member di aplikasi VexGift. Jadwal peluncuran dan fitur-fitur lainnya yang tidak kalah menarik bisa didapatkan di roadmap yang terdapat pada website vexanium.

VEX New Exchange Listing: Indodax — Vexanium

Hi VEX Partners,

VEX will be available for trading on Indodax, a FIAT to crypto exchange from Indonesia starts from Tuesday, 28th August 2018 15.00 GMT+7 and deposit starts from Tuesday, 28th August 2018 12.00 GMT+7.
Indodax is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia with more than 1 million members that already on board. User could trade the FIAT they have to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, NXT, and any other popular cryptocurrency.
With this cooperation between Vexanium and Indodax, of course will bring more stability to Vexanium Coin Ecosystem and also be the answer to Vex Partners enthusiasm also Vexanium add up coin diversity in Indodax.

Exchange Announcement: VEX – USDT

Hi VEX Partners,

VEX already available for trading on Tokenomy, a crypto-to-crypto exchange from Indonesia starts from Monday, 30th July with VEX – TEN & VEX – BTC pair. VEX will add another pair which is VEX – USDT pair.
Trading starts from Wednesday, 22nd August 15.00 GMT+7.

Tokenomy is a platform that consists of 2 markets. The first market is a blockchain project incubator for any company that wants to do fundraise using TEN. This fundraising process will certainly pass through several screening process first before being approved. The second market is a crypto-to-crypto exchange where users could make transactions between digital currencies without using FIAT / local currency of a country. Tokenomy itself is the largest marketplace in Southeast Asia with more than 1 million active users. For further information, you could go to
With this cooperation between Vexanium and Tokenomy, of course will bring more stability to Vexanium Coin Ecosystem and also be the answer to Vex Partners enthusiasm also Vexanium add up coin diversity in Tokenomy.

August Deposit Loyalty Program (Phase 3 )

Hi Vex Partners,

Due to great response and enthusiasm from all of you on our Loyalty Program Phase 1 and Phase 2 , we decided to hold the Loyalty Program Phase 3!

This loyalty program will start on Monday, 13 th August 2018 at 15.00 GMT+7 and will end on Saturday, 18 August 2018 at 23.59 GMT+7.

Your VEX deposit and bonus will be distributed to your wallet starts from Monday, 3 September 2018 23.59 GMT+7. This program is the third stage of airdrop deposit where

Vexanium will distribute maximum 1.350.000 VEX from total 100.000.000 VEX supply that allocated to Stock Reward Token. Stock Reward Token itself will be distributed monthly in each different campaign.

In this month Loyalty Program Campaign, Vexanium will use a deposit system where user could simply access their account at and then click on the Airdrops section. The next step you should do is select the deposit amount you want.

Please note that this loyalty program will use FIFO (First In First Out) system where user who could secure the deposit quota is user who makes quota booking and do VEX transfer to the given address within 10 minutes. Here is the amount of deposit that applies to our Loyalty Program in August .

3 user x 2.000.000 VEX
15 user x 1.000.000 VEX
20 user x 500.000 VEX
20 user x 250.000 VEX
20 user x 150.000 VEX
20 user x 100.000 VEX
20 user x 75.000 VEX
18 user x 50.000 VEX
10 user x 25.000 VEX
50 user x 10.000 VEX
100 user x 5.000 VEX
100 user x 2.500 VEX
100 user x 1.000 VEX

1 user only could do maximal 1 deposit. If the time limit given has passed but user hasn’t done the payment, the booking slot will be given to other user. Also make sure that the nominal amount that you transfer is the same exact nominal you choose because your deposit transaction will be considered failed automatically by the system and the system will refund your deposit on the same time when the deposit and airdrop bonus distributed .

The amount bonus that you will get on this loyalty program is 3 %. For example if you make a deposit of 1.000.000 VEX then the total amount of VEX you will get is 1.030.000 VEX.

Here is the dashboard view if your deposit has succeed.


  1. To participate on this campaign, you must register at and have passed the KYC process.
  2. The deposit, bonus, and refund will be distributed to address that you used for transaction. There could be any rule changes on this deposit loyalty program based on Vexanium team decision